YouTube /KHOU11
YouTube /KHOU11

Growing up in Texas I was always told if you live past 80 it was just God’s way of showing you another form of a blessing. According to Irish Star Elizabeth Francis, she has been receiving those blessings for over 20 years after the age of 80. Born in 1901, Elizabeth Francis Has literally been on the face of the Earth for 10 decades. That is 365 days times 114 which is her age.

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YouTube /KHOU11
YouTube /KHOU11

That’s why this beauty is 114 years old and doesn’t look like a day over 80. You can imagine that Elizabeth Frances has seen, most things that you’ve probably only heard of through history books and TV. Being 114 years old means Elizabeth has seen a man walk on the moon, witnessed World War I and World War II, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the first black president, and has witnessed COVID-19. Elizabeth has literally been here for centuries, which is truly an amazing story to tell.


Now of course probably a proper diet and getting the exercise you need plays a part when it comes to Miss Elizabeth‘s lifespan, but we all need to know, what was her key to longevity? Elizabeth Francis says her secret is to eat everything and to feel young in spirit, she also grows her own fruits and vegetables at home and cooks exclusively for herself instead of going to fast food restaurants. There are not very many people who have reached the milestone of hitting the age of 100 but Miss Elizabeth has done it, and she looks great doing it. This spring chicken definitely has more living to do and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

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