The State of Texas is steeped in history. From battles fought within the state to battles fought over the land, just about anywhere you go in Texas, you will find a place with a story. And when it comes to the oldest town in Texas, it's one that has a great story.

Some may think that the oldest town in Texas is a place like Austin or San Antonio, but no, the oldest town in Texas is much smaller and much more towards the east.

This Is The Oldest Town In Texas

Founded in 1779, but home to the Caddo tribe well before then, Nacogdoches is widely considered to be the oldest town in Texas. According to, the earliest settlers of Nacogdoches were a local Caddo tribe called the Nacogdoche. They arrived in East Texas around 800 A.D. and it stayed a Caddo Indian settlement until 1716.

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Here's a fun fact. While just about all of Texas has flown under six flags, the town of Nacogdoches has had nine different flags fly over it.

Over the course of its history, Nacogdoches had nine differently flags rather than the six for the rest of Texas.  The flags included the Spanish, French, Gutierrez-Magee Rebellion, Dr. James Long Expedition, Mexican, Fredonia Rebellion, Lone Star, Confederate Stars & Bars and of course the United States of America.

Nacogdoches attracts visitors from across Texas and the nation who are interested in history. Nacogdoches is also home to Stephen F. Austin University.

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According to Texas Highways, some of the great places to visit include Millard's Crossing Historic Village which is home to 16 historic structures. Other places to visit include The Fredonia Hotel and the Front Porch Distillery, the first legal distillery in Nacogdoches.

Controversy: Nacogdoches May Not Be The Oldest "Founded" Town in Texas

According to at least two different sites, while Nacogdoches claims to be the oldest in Texas, there is some controversy about that claim.

According to and, Presidio, Texas might be the oldest "founded" town in Texas. puts it this way:

The first Europeans came to what is now Presidio in 1535 with Spanish explorer Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca and established one of the first European settlements in the area. This makes Presidio the oldest town in Texas — the town says that it was officially established in 1683.

However, Presidio doesn't claim to be the oldest town in Texas. That claim still goes to Nacogdoches. Probably because of the entire history of settlements and discovery.

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