Everything feels incredibly expensive right now, especially for those looking to buy a home. Real estate prices are getting higher and higher, making it feel less and less achievable to be a homeowner for many young adults. That is why it can be important to find alternatives that may better suit some lifestyles.

That is a part of the reasoning for the 3D printed homes that have been built in Texas.

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Yes, 3D printed homes. Imagine one of those small 3D printers many people have nowadays, but it is way bigger and uses concrete instead of filament. Layer by layer, they are able to build homes via this method.

Check out this video of the process:

It sounded crazy when this concept first began, but now that these homes are being completed and folks are moving into them, it is seeming like a better option day by day.

Not only are these homes cost effective in the way of labor and materials, but they are also great for longevity and handling bad weather. They are insulated like a regular home, you can paint the walls, hang pictures, and everything else you can with a normal house. Plus, the walls have a unique and cool texture from the layering process.

Sure, this type of home isn’t for everyone, just like bromoniums or other unique builds, but I could see it being a really cool option and would like to see more places around Texas building these homes.

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