There are many great cities in the Lone Star State. One of them was recently ranked among the best places to live in the country. 

Of course, it’s hard to objectively select the best places to live. It depends on what is most important to each person. 

For some people, having a great selection of entertainment is what makes a city a great place to live. Others would rank cities according to how safe they are.

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And then you have those who prioritize living in a beautiful city. That’s where a recent study by Architectural Digest comes in. 

Researchers for the website used U.S. News & World Report’s 150 Best Places to Live in the U.S. as a starting point to determine the 15 best places to live for design lovers. 

What makes a city a great place to live for design lovers? 

The cities were ranked according to access to museums, cultural institutions, art, and top-notch architecture. Researchers also accounted for cities that help fuel creative energy, making them perfect for artists and designers. 

When all was said and done, Austin was named the 9th best place to live for design lovers. 

Researchers cited the fact that jobs in tech, health care, and education are plentiful in Austin. The state capital also has plenty of activities for design lovers. 

15 Best Places to Live for Design Lovers 

  1. Boulder, CO 
  2. Sarasota, FL 
  3. Madison, WI 
  4. Boise, ID 
  5. Grand Rapids, MI 
  6. Asheville, NC 
  7. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 
  8. Savannah, GA 
  9. Austin, TX 
  10. San Francisco, CA 
  11. Pittsburgh, PA 
  12. Charleston, SC 
  13. Nashville, TN 
  14. Atlanta, GA 
  15. Milwaukee, WI

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