SWAT team had an interesting morning in Texas as their robot dog got taken hostage.

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What a start to a Tuesday over in Houston, Texas. Police got a call about a weapon disturbance at a hotel called Mustang Inn. Apparently a man was attempting to go into different people's rooms with a weapon. The man was allegedly carrying a pistol and a machete.

Police Standoff for Over Four Hours

The call came in at 2 AM and police heard the suspect screaming from inside one of the rooms. He came outside for a second and police said they saw the gun in his hand. SWAT was then called to help make sure no one got hurt. Around 6:30 in the morning police sent in their police robot named SPOT. This is way for officers to interact with an individual without putting an officer's life at risk.

SPOT Gets Taken Hostage

The man now completely naked decides to drag SPOT into his room. I would think that is what the police would want since the robot dog is designed to interact with potentially dangerous suspects, obviously you don't want them manhandling your equipment though. A second police dog attempted to get into the room, but the suspect placed a mattress over the door.

Watch SPOT Get Taken Hostage Below

Police Finally Arrest the Suspect

Around 8:45 this morning the suspect was taken into custody. He actually had the decency to put on some shorts before giving himself up to the police. According to Commander Craig Bellamy with the Houston Police Department, he believes the suspect was high on methamphetamine at the time of this incident. So far the suspect has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a pistol, but more charges are pending.

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