Houston School's Cell Phone Ban Sparks Student Protest.

Hundreds of students from Madison High School protested a new cell phone rule by walking out of school.

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They felt the rule was unfair and made them less safe. The students said there had been lots of fights and even weapons brought to school before, so they were already upset. This week, there were more fights, a lockdown, and the new phone rule.


An Issue of Safety

The new rule said students couldn't use their phones inside the school. They had to put them in see-through backpacks or turn them in when they arrived. They couldn't use their phones during lunch either. Some students said this was dangerous because they couldn't contact their parents in an emergency. One student said their friend couldn't reach their mom when she was in the hospital because the school had her phone.

Focus and safety

The school district said the rule was to keep students safe and focused on learning. But the students didn't agree. They said they felt unsafe and distracted all day, even without their phones. They also didn't like how strict the classes were.


What Next?

Education leaders said it's important for students to be able to focus in class. But after the walkout, students weren't sure if they would be allowed back in or if they would get in trouble. The school district didn't say what would happen to them.

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