People in Texas are known for being kind, giving, and generous people. If you're down and out, there's a good chance there's a neighbor nearby willing to lend you a hand. It makes you feel nice living in a place like that. That extends from emergencies, down to simply sharing passwords for streaming services. It's the password sharing that Texans might be having a hard time with in the future.

Texas Is In The Top 10 States That Share Passwords The Most

Give yourself a Texas-sized pat on the back. You've earned it. You went all Robin Hood and started handing out your passwords like they were candy to your friends and family so they could binge-watch season after season of whatever. They should give you a medal, or have a parade in your honor.

Unfortunately, the streaming Sheriffs of Nottingham are looking to shut that down. I experienced it first hand this week when trying to watch something on Netflix and being told to pay up if I wanted to use more than my allotted number of screens.

I'm not alone in password sharing. According to Secure Data Recovery, Texas ranks ninth in the nation when it comes to sharing passwords.

Which Streaming Service Is Texas Sharing The Most?

Netflix is the streaming service that most of us share with friends and family. Coming in second was Disney+, followed by Max (the artist formerly known as HBO Max).

With all of the recent headlines about streaming services cracking down on password sharing, followed by increases in the price of a subscription, it makes you wonder just how badly you need all of these services. When you're swapping passwords with friends and family, you don't think about it. You simply collect streaming service passwords and binge-watch.

With the changes that are being made, it looks like Texans will be some of the people who feel it the most.

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