Texas is a land full of mystery. Take the mystery of the lost arm of F. Stewart in Paradise, Texas for example. The most interesting aspect of the mystery isn't necessarily the arm. It isn't lost. It's the rest of F. Stewart that many are curious about.

What Is The Lost Arm Of F. Stewart In Paradise, Texas?

If you find yourself in Paradise, Texas and you take a trip to the cemetery, you'll find a rather interesting headstone. Headstones are usually used to signify the final resting place of a person. In Paradise, Texas you'll find a headstone that marks the final resting place of just an arm.

The headstone contains only the inscription "Lost Arm of F. Stewart. Sep 27, 1910."

Why Is There An Arm Buried In Paradise, Texas?

There's a lot of mystery surrounding this arm in Paradise, Texas. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of answers. Searches for F. Stewart in Paradise, Texas don't provide many insights into how this arm came to be separated from the rest of the body of F. Stewart. It's also difficult to find reasons why the arm would be buried.

What you will find out, is that a "limb grave" isn't all that uncommon.

There are a couple of really popular reasons you find for burying an amputated limb:

  • religious reasons
  • so that the limb and body can be reunited after death

That's the other thing, most of these graves are for limbs that were amputated in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

So, What Happened to F. Stewart In Paradise, Texas?

That's the biggest mystery of all. The headstone just marks the resting place of Stewart's arm. Per the tradition, the rest of F. Stewart should have joined back up with the arm at some point. Also, how did the arm come to be separated from the rest of the body?

Whatever happened to F. Stewart may never be widely known. For now, we just have the resting place of his arm in Paradise, Texas.

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