I usually order the Veggie Delight when I go to Subway. I'm not a vegetarian or anything, but something about the meat they use gives me the creeps. I've never paid much attention to their "steak" before, but I just came across a video on how they make it, and now I'm even more grossed out...

Check it out below:

Yeah. I've never seen anyone prepare steak like that. Holy moly. I understand this isn't a 5-Star restaurant or anything, but that bag of weird meat can eff right off. No thanks.

I'm not the only one that was put off by the video. The comment section is glorious. Here are some of my favorites:

"I will never recover from this" (Commented by Eggo, the waffle people!)

"Subway eat FRESH!!!"

"I worked at Subway and I still have nightmares about prepping the teriyaki chicken."

"Wait it's not fillet mignon carved fresh daily?"

"This must be America because this ain't what our Sunway steak looks like in NZ"

"Still getting that Philly Cheese Steak tomorrow."

"As a former Subway employee, y'all don't know about the tuna."

"Who gets steak from Subway?"

Ick. Yeah. I won't be ordering that anytime soon. Does watching this video make you second-guess your choice at Subway? Or are you still going to order the same as you always do? Comment below this article and let me know what you think, then keep scrolling for more wild stories below...

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