Although I was technically born in Oklahoma (I know) I've lived in Texas since I was about two weeks old. Like any place, it has pros and cons, and what those pros and cons are depends heavily on your outlook, attitude, and expectations.

Like most natives, I don't really love the major influx of people from other states driving up property costs (well, really the cost of everything) and making traffic more obnoxious. And, judging from a recent and rather edifying Reddit thread, a lot of our newest residents say they regret making the move to the Lone Star State.

Let's take a look at their top reasons why. with edits with edits

1. Politics

Texas politics seems to do things that divide the population along racial lines, in addition to other political "wedge issues."


the politics is off the rails… abortion bounty laws, drag laws, the embarrassing Ted Cruz, “Constitutional Carry”, power grid failures, etc.


the political leadership is very clearly homophobic and itching to reinforce sodomy laws if the Supreme Court would allow it


Too many ultra conservatives moving from elsewhere and ruining the state.

2. Weather 

 we’ve had deadly freezes with measurable snow every winter. And the broiling summer heat feels more intense and more frequent.


the heat is unbearable and I was expecting southern hospitality but that didn’t really happen.


The weather sucks (would be ok if we didn’t have an annual freeze).

3. Inhospitable 

I couldn’t believe how many people were openly hostile to me upon finding out I had moved from CA. Like, I’m literally serving you food and drink and you’re berating me for the most recent place I lived. And fwiw, my husband is from here- we moved to be closer to his family. Not to ‘California your Texas’


I love how Texans love veterans, “support the troops” yet when we moved her after retiring from the military and last duty station was California, now we need to leave.

Politics will only change if voters will it so, and the hot summers and frigid winters are beyond anyone's control. However, I think it's shameful that we've proven ourselves to be inhospitable and even hateful. Today I told a newcomer. "welcome to Texas" and the look of shock and surprise on their face hurt my heart- was I really the first person to say that to them? They happened to be a medical professional, too, and we need people with those skills here in Texas.

So, let me say this: if you're new to Texas: welcome. I might not like how many newcomers there are, but I'm happy to give individual newcomers a chance. And I feel like all Texans can do at least this much.

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