CNN shared a video to TikTok of an interview with ranch manager Shane Pennington discussing the aftermath of the Smokehouse Creek Fire. The fire ripped through the panhandle, destroying his family's cattle farm in Canadian, Texas.

The heartfelt interview gives insight into how much ranchers and cattle farmers truly care about their animals. He wasn't worried about his home. He was worried about his cattle. Now, he is left wishing there was only more he could have done to save them.

Watch the heartbreaking interview below:

Here's another video that shows just how horrible the fires were:

I know a few cattle farmers and how much their livestock means to them. Walking through his ranch after the fire had to be heartbreaking, especially coming across some cattle that were still alive but in tremendous pain from burns to their feet, eyes, and utters. He shared that most of the baby calves had burned up altogether and weren't anywhere to be found. Truly sad.

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