Well, guys, we JUST missed creeping on Matthew McConaughey filming portions of his new film "The Lost Bus" a mere hop, skip, and jump away from Lubbock, over in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

What a total bummer. It would have been a great excuse to take a little road trip to one of my favorite places, even if all I would have done was stand awkwardly a few yards away, snapping photos.

McConaughey was reportedly in Ruidoso from April 1st to April 7th working on the film, which, "explores what went wrong in California's Camp Fire, the nation's deadliest wildfire in a century," and focuses on the story of a teacher and bus driver who played a big role in helping out during the tragedy.

The film also stars actress, director, and television producer, America Ferrera. Jamie Lee Curtis is also listed as a producer of the film. It appears McConaughey is playing the role of the bus driver, as he was filmed in Ruidoso sitting in the driver's seat of the bus and speaking into a radio.

Several other movies have been shot in Ruidoso including the recent film "The Best Man" starring Luke Wilson. There is a buzz that "The Lost Bus" could actually be the biggest film shot in the area.

Ruidoso was probably just excited to have a little bit of a buzz during the off-season. They depend on tourists to keep the city running. If you've ever been there during part of the year that isn't designated for vacationing, it's pretty quiet.

Sorry, I missed ya, Matthew. I'll do better next time...

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