The Texas-based chain of convenience stores Bucc-ee's has it all: sparkling clean restrooms, exclusive and delicious road-trip food, merch, and above all else- hype.

In Texas, you can't swing a plush beaver without hitting a die-hard Bucc-ee's fan, even in areas that are hours away from their stores. Why are we so obsessed? I can't speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. It's the allure of massive food and drink options, a very nice and non-disgusting potty experience, and the cutest mascot ever- a smiling beaver with a little red hat. And massive bonus points for their unusually high rate of pay and excellent benefits given to Bucc-ee's team members.

But has Bucc-ee's become the victim of its own success? Some Texas Redditors recently (and rather sacrilegiously) complained about Bucc-ee's in a recent thread, which bemoaned how "chaotic" the store has become.

Citing a photo with what appears to be an extremely long check-out line, some Redditors claimed it's turning, "into a super packed Walmart that’s also a gas station." Other complaints included how Bucc-ee's can back-up traffic on major highways, and how congested and unorganized the parking lot can be. Others complained about price increases, but I call foul on that- everywhere is more expensive than it used to be.

Some of the complaints focused on the way other people behave at Bucc-ee's, including that some, "people put their pump in and go inside and shop for an hour blocking the pump for the entire duration." That is extremely rude, and also dangerous to leave a fuel pump running unattended.

In spite of all these complaints, one Redditor had the most astute observation of them all: "It’s just summer being peak road trip season." All convenience stores are going to be bustling, it makes sense that Bucc-ee's, the most beloved, will be totally packed. However, with happy employees, I bet that monster line goes much faster than you'd anticipate. Regardless, a clean potty is worth the wait.

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