College is fun, but for most of us, money is pretty tight. If you're doing the bulk of your shopping on campus, you're probably wasting a ton of money. Every once in a while, overpaying for a convenient snack isn't all that bad, but using the stores on campus for every single meal is CRAZY.

The price differences between campus stores and supermarkets are insane. Check out some examples below...

Texas Tech Campus Grocery Prices vs. Supermarket Prices

A quick glimpse at price discrepancies for the same products at local grocery stores and Sam's Place West on Texas Tech University campus.

Have you been throwing away money? I always wonder if a brand new 18-year-old college student even knows exactly what things cost at the grocery store. Most of the time, their parents are doing the shopping. They might not even notice how much cash they are wasting when they shop on campus.

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