How cute! These bears rock climbing in Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park in Southwest Texas is the content we need to see today.

Ya know, I was already contemplating a visit to Big Bend National Park in Southwest Texas. And that is especially so after our recent post regarding the fact that the already biggest national park in Texas is becoming even bigger this year. But, I think it may be watching these bears rock climbing that has finally inspired me to make a plan forthwith.

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My first stop at Big Bend National Park? Oh, it's definitely going to be to the Santa Elena Canyon.

Santa Elena Canyon is considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of Big Bend. describes it this way:

"With walls upwards of 1,500 feet, Santa Elena Canyon has the tallest cliffs forming this Texas canyon, but it also has something else quite unique, rock-climbing bears."

Yep. That's all ya had to say.

Back in March of 2014, YouTuber Stephanie Latimer was doing a kayaking trip through the canyon when she noticed endangered Mexican Black Bears climbing up the canyon wall. Since she uploaded the video to her YouTube Channel, this simple, but adorable, video has been watched in excess of 12 million times.

Watch the video in its entirety below.

In addition to the rock-climbing bears, we know that Big Bend is home to all kinds of wildlife and amazing sites.

Have you ever been to Big Bend National Park? Please send your favorite parts of the trip over to me at I'll definitely add those to my list of "must-sees and do's."

However, my first stop? Yep. The Santa Elena Canyon where I hope I'll be blessed to see these rock-climbing bears. Here's that video, as promised.

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