Cell phones are everywhere nowadays which means cameras are always at the ready. Just about every occasion imaginable can be captured in the moment. Taking photos on the fly is extremely popular. Selfies, pictures with friends and family, the list goes on and on. I'm guilty as well. From good food and delicious drinks to nights out on the town with friends, it's great to be able to seal the moment with a snapshot or two.

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A perfect example happened to me just this past weekend. I traveled out of town for a concert and toured some unseen parts of Texas at the same time. We pulled over for a pitstop in a shaded area complete with some railroad tracks right up close. A perfect spot to grab a scenic picture. Or was it?



Especially in recent years, railroad tracks have been a popular spot to pose for senior pictures. I have also seen some bands go for that raw look by having their publicity photo taken from the tracks. However, according to Texas Penal Code 28.07, obstructing any railroad track to pose for a picture could get you in trouble with a fine or worse.

The code states:

A person commits an offense if the person:

throws an object or discharges a firearm or weapon at a train or rail-mounted work equipment;  or

without the effective consent of the owner:

Enters or remains on railroad property, knowing that it is railroad property;

Tampers with railroad property;

Places an obstruction on a railroad track or right-of-way;  or Causes in any manner the derailment of a train, railroad car, or other railroad property that moves on tracks.


Violations of the code can get pretty severe. Even first-time offenders who aren't aware of the legalities could face a Class C Misdemeanor. If there's damage to property or loss of life, things could escalate quickly - the worst of it being a felony in the first degree.

There are plenty of great places in Texas where you can strike a pose for a picture. Unfortunately, railroad tracks and the area around them are off-limits. If you're looking for a gorgeous backdrop, waterfalls make for some of the most beautiful photos I've seen. Texas has quite a few. Keep scrolling and you'll see what I mean.

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