Cruise Night is not only a tradition but an experience. Like every great experience, it demands an equally great soundtrack. For me, the best adventures behind the wheel are all about the tunes.

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For this music enthusiast, I have the perfect playlist for the upcoming Cruise Night on October 14th, with five tracks that capture the spirit of cruising. Look below and see if you agree.


Low Rider by War

The song's opening riff is just cool. Its laid-back tempo and catchy rhythm make it ideal for cruising. It certainly makes a statement: cruising is all about style. Crank this one up on the right stereo system and you're good to go.

Superstition by Stevie Wonder

I love its funky rhythm and Stevie's iconic vocals. This track has that feel-good vibe that you need for any cruise. Warning, the tune might make you tap your fingers on the steering wheel while singing at the top of your lungs.

Radar Love by Golden Earring

Definitely one of my favorites for cruising on road trips. Its rhythm and the lyrics about a lover's call drawing the singer to hit the road resonates with almost everyone. This tune is bound to ignite your need to cruise.


Life in the Fast Lane by The Eagles

This classic speaks to the speedsters and thrill-seekers. The lyrics dive deep into a fast-paced lifestyle and the consequences it may bring. It's a track that reminds us to enjoy the ride but be careful of the turns.


Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

This song is an adventure in itself. From the beginning melodies to the head-banging climax, this is a solid rock anthem. When the chorus kicks in, it's hard not to sing along. A must-have for any Cruise Night playlist.

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To me, the beauty of Cruise Night isn't just about the cars you see on the street. It's about the stories, the people we're with, and the music that becomes the soundtrack to some awesome memories.

As you gear up for another Cruise Night in Abilene on October 14th, give the above tunes a spin. I'll see you on the streets. Happy cruising!

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