Here in Texas, we love the delicious taste of fresh veggies and fruits harvested from local fields. Sure, many stores offer up some pretty good produce, but straight-from-the-farm produce is always the way to go. Luckily there are several farmers markets across the Lone Star State to get fresh produce, including one here in Abilene.

When I was a kid, my grandmother always had some sort of garden in her backyard. Most of the time she planted tomatoes, squash, okra, green beans, and peppers. I used to walk back there and literally grab tomatoes off of the vine and eat them. Those were the days.

Now we're in 2024 and I can imagine that many people have never experienced veggies or fruits that are straight from the farm or garden like I have. Seriously, this is something that you must try if you haven't.

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Abilene Farmers Market

Abilene Farmers Market Facebook
Abilene Farmers Market Facebook

The Abilene Farmers Market sets up at North First and Mesquite across from Frontier Texas each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7 am to Noon. My suggestion to you is to get there early to get the best stuff. In addition to straight-from-the-farm veggies and fruits, they offer beef, specialty jellies, bread, pickled foods, and more.

Not only are you getting the freshest fruits and veggies, but you're keeping that money local.

So, if you find yourself craving some fresh veggies, fruit, and more, swing by Abilene Farmers Market, grab some locally grown straight-from-the-farm goodies and enjoy.

(Editors Note: According to their Facebook page, Abilene Farmers Market's usual Summer hours are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7 am to noon but currently are only open on Saturday from 8 am to noon.)

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