The Dallas Cowboys rolled into Lincoln Financial Field with a two-game winning streak only to walk out with a loss that put them two and a half games behind the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East. While the game was as close as you'd expect for this rivalry, it was the refs once again showing off their inability to call a good game.

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You probably saw the headline and thought to yourself, this dude is about to blame the refs for the loss. No, quite the contrary. The refs blew several calls in the game for both teams but this loss rests solely on the shoulders of the Cowboys. They just simply didn't get it done.

Why The Cowboys Lost

Dak Prescott played very well in this game completing 29 of 44 passes for 374 yards while tossing three touchdowns. So yeah, you can't blame this loss on Dak. The only knock on him was not getting the ball to playmaker Cee Dee Lamb in crucial moments, instead opting for the likes of Luke Schoonmaker and Jalen Tolbert.

The main reason the Cowboys lost was that they couldn't do the simple things right in key moments, while the Eagles were able to capitalize on the mistakes and score in crucial moments. Also, clock management continues to be an issue as well. With over six minutes to play and down by five, there just seemed to be a lack of urgency.

Refs Keep Blowing Calls

As I stated above, I don't believe the refs caused the Cowboys to lose. But several calls were completely ridiculous for both teams while some would-be penalties were not called at all.

That seems to be the case for most NFL games this season, not just this particular game. I can't say that these refs are biased or making these calls on purpose, but many times this year, their inability to call a clean game has decided some outcomes.

Whether it's a lack of training, or the NFL needs to adjust the eye insurance benefits, the refs are absolute garbage this year. I'm not saying the Cowboys lost to the refs, but they sure didn't help.

Regardless, the Cowboys lost a good game against the number one team in the NFC East and to keep pace, we have a lot of work to do.

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