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Recently I ran across a couple of podcasts and online articles that were all discussing the "only thing that can be dropped out of a vehicle throughout the state of Texas." One author said that any "liquid" can be dropped out of a vehicle. The actual fact is nothing is further from the truth. Gas, oil, antifreeze, pesticides, and any other toxic type chemicals are a huge no-no.

For that matter, I was told by a friend that fruits, vegetables, and things like orange, and banana peels are perfectly legal to throw out of your car in Texas (because they are biodegradable). That is a big fat No-No. Throwing a banana peel from your vehicle carries the same punishments and fines as littering on Texas roadways. Let me put it simply, "don't mess with Texas."

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The three things that are legal to litter in Texas are water, ice, and feathers

Yes, there are only three things that you can legally dispose of out of your truck, car, van, bus, or SUV. They are 1 water (poured out), 2 ice (only no container), and 3 feathers (by themselves only). I learned this about twenty years ago when my neighbor and dear friend who was the county's D.A. Investigator told me that if you lose "care, custody, or control of a piece of litter you can be ticketed for littering.

According to the Don't Mess With Texas website, "littering is against the law and you can be fined up to $500 for trash less than or equal to five pounds or five gallons (as you may have seen on those blue Don't mess with Texas signs). Source: Don't mess With Texas.org

I asked why feathers, I mean of all things my feather-downed pillow and or blankets are very rarely in my vehicles. So how did feathers get into the Texas State legislature? My friend Donnie, aka State Police, and D.A. Investigator explained, "that many decades ago when farmers and ranchers were taking stock to market feathers from the chickens they were taking to the market was losing some feathers on the roads of Texas.

Today, there have been some adjustments to the Texas Penal Code to include things like hay, and feathers plus the fines are going up too. If you drive a truck, the stuff that is in the bed of your truck is your responsibility too, and if it comes flying out while you are driving you can be fined.

Just remember that litter that is 5 pounds or 5 gallons or less carries one set of fines of up to $500. But if the size, weight, and/or amount is bigger than the aforementioned, like starting at $2,000 dollars and jail time of up to 2 years. So follow the blue sign that says "Don't Mess With Texas."

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