Abilene, in my opinion, has the best places to go shopping for affordable back-to-school clothing. My wife and I have eight children so we have had to get ready for school at the lowest prices possible.

For affordable clothing, Abilene has some great places to shop. Below is a list with a mix of retail outlets; some sell brand-new clothing, others offer second-hand options.

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Keep in mind that tax-free weekend is coming up on August 11-13, 2023. Purchase of an item $100 or below qualifies that as a tax-free item saving you $8.25. You will get a break and not have to pay that 8.25% state sales tax, as well as any other local taxes that could be assessed.

That 8.25% may not seem like a big discount, but if you take full advantage of the best back-to-school sales, promo codes, and discounts the stores will be offering, you could save quite a bit.

Here's a list of items that qualify for the Texas tax exemption:

  • Clothing - under $100 including jackets and school uniforms
  • Footwear - under $100 including boots and sports shoes
  • Accessorized clothing - under $100 including hats, gloves, kids' backpacks
  • All School supplies - under $100 pens, pencils, notebooks, you get the idea
  • Accessories - like gym bags, purses, handbags
  • Sports clothing - like popular Cowboys or Rangers sports team t-shirts or jerseys, all sports pants, helmets, sports gear
  • Sports footwear - like baseball or football cleats, soccer shoes, sports products, and waders

Remember...when shopping during the tax-free weekend, be polite and have fun.

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