Founded in 2017, Beyond Trafficking is a faith-based organization dedicated to raising awareness and educating Texans about human trafficking, as well as providing assistance to survivors through intensive care management.

This care includes therapy services, counseling, crisis intervention, long-term and short-term housing, legal services, medical and dental care, clothing and hygiene provisions, and all other essentials. Beyond Trafficking is committed to providing trauma survivors with the necessary resources to assist them in rebuilding their lives.

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They seek to foster a safe, secure environment for survivors of human trafficking. By supporting and sharing awareness, education, and action, Beyond Trafficking strives to bring about significant change in the fight against modern-day slavery.

In addition, Beyond Trafficking is committed to collaborating with other organizations and non-profits to meet the needs of survivors as effectively as possible. The objective is to ensure survivors have access to the resources and support they require on their path to rehabilitation and self-determination, offering hope and opportunities.

Here Are the Harsh Truths About Human Trafficking in Texas

  1. Every year, tens of thousands of people are trafficked in the United States.
  2. 40% of kidnapped children are sold by someone in their own family.
  3. 99% of survivors are never found.
  4. Only 1% of survivors who are found get help.
  5. If survivors don't have a safe place to go, 80% end up being revictimized.
  6. Abilene often becomes a corridor for trafficking, due to I-20 and the proximity of larger cities.
  7. The current refugee situation at our border has made the Big Country particularly vulnerable to labor and sex trafficking.
    Source: Beyond Human Trafficking/Stephanie Rocha

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