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I don't think there's anything better in life than when you can go back and look at some old photos or videos of your children just being children way back when. I could only imagine how wonderful the feeling is when you have a moment when your children are shining brighter than the sun. That actually happened in our radio station's studio.

It was many years ago when I scheduled a radio interview with singer-songwriter and founder of Outlaws & Legends, Mark Powell. When they came into the studio Mark was accompanied by his father, son, and daughter. I asked the kids "do you sing?" Both responded yes at the very same time. So I put them on the radio as you'll see in the video below.

Now, Mark Powell has been coming into the radio station for many years promoting his incredible "Outlaws and Legends Music Festival" which takes place once a year in Abilene. So when I asked his children on the air if they would sing, Mark Powells' eyes popped wide open when they both said YES.

Of course when you've got youngsters in the studio and they are not afraid of a microphone then it's game on. So I asked, "what song do you two like to sing?" I think both Mark, my co-host Pete and I were all in awe when they said "my daddy's song called Dublin Dr. Pepper."

So for the first time ever both Hayden and Ella were A) talking on the radio and B) about to sing publicly for the first time. I feel like another generation of the Powell family singers is just on the horizon. This was just before the 4th Annual Outlaws and Legends Music Festival and the very first time the kids were ever in my studio. Both kids were bound and determined to help their daddy promote the Outlaws and Legends Music Festival.

The video below is the official music video for Dublin Dr. Pepper as performed by Mark Powell and Lariat. Don't miss Outlaws & Legends Music Festival live this year on March 31st and April 1st, 2023, at the Back Porch of Texas just outside of Abilene. Tickets are available online.

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