So I ran across this article by Dr. Julie Gatza who discussed the damage that fast food does to our bodies, and how the damage is being done in the first sixty minutes after eating it. Yes, sixty minutes, like the TV show only there are no commercials.

Did you hear that? It sounds like a siren call of convenience, the quick fix for hunger pains, and the guilty pleasure nudge to roll through the drive-through. But have you ever wondered what happens to your body after eating those convenient "fast foods"?

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In the aftermath of that delicious indulgence of a "triple-meat Texan Burger with extra cheesy fries and some chili" or the "All-Beef Foot-Long Texas Dog covered in BBQ sauce and onions" or - my fave - the "triple-meat Tex-Mex Soft Fajita Taco with cheese", do you know what happens?

Buckle up butter-cup, we’re diving into the fast-food abyss, and it’s not all golden arches and happy meals. In fact, after that self-indulgent sprint to your favorite fast-food haven, the silent body sirens blare even louder. But you? Oh, you’re too busy savoring satisfaction to hear their warnings.

Let The Countdown Begin

5 Minutes: Sugar Rush
As you sink your teeth into that juicy burger, your blood sugar levels begin to skyrocket. It’s like a mini party in your veins – energy surging, taste buds celebrating. But hold on tight; this ride won’t last long.

15 Minutes: Dehydration Alert
Fast food is a sodium bomb. The more you munch, the thirstier you become. Suddenly, that ginormous Coke seems like the elixir of life. Hydrate, my friend, hydrate!

20 Minutes: Heartburn Tango
Fried fatty foods take their sweet time to waltz through your digestive system. They linger in your stomach, whispering sweet nothings to your acid production. Result? Heartburn gatecrashes the party.

30 Minutes: The Bloat Show
Unbroken-down food sits in your gut, fermenting away. Gas bubbles rise, and suddenly, you’re feeling like a human balloon. Hello, bloating!

45 Minutes: Sugar Crash Landing
Remember that sugar high? Well, it’s time for the nosedive. Insulin surges, blood sugar plummets, and you’re left wondering why life suddenly feels bleaker than a rainy day.

50 Minutes: The Grumpy Blues
Glucose exits the brain, and hello, mood swings! Depression and anxiety sneak in, uninvited guests at your fast-food fiesta.

55 Minutes: Brain Fog Alert
Bad fats – the villains of the junk food universe – reach your brain. Suddenly, your mental clarity takes a nosedive. Brain fog settles in like a persistent cloud.

60 Minutes: The Inflammation Battle
Your immune system sounds the alarm. It’s under attack – the onslaught of unhealthy ingredients triggering an inflammatory response. Brace yourself; your body’s soldiers are gearing up.
Source: Dr. Julie Gatza / The Wellness Center

The next time you eye that fast-food menu, remember this piece of Fearless Wisdom:  it’s a rollercoaster ride for your body. Minimize the blowback by opting for healthier choices (fruits and vegetables). Your future self will thank you, and so will your waistline. Trust me, I know.

Disclaimer: I, Rudy Fearless Fernandez, am not a doctor. Not even close, but sometimes I play one on the radio and in my articles here. Consult a real health professional for more personalized advice.

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