Question here, what is your favorite holiday? Because we are born and bred Texans, do we in the Lone Star State have a preference as to which holiday is of the utmost importance?

We do have a lot of churches in Texas. As a matter of fact I do believe we are often referred to as the 'Buckle of the Bible Belt' in America. I bring that up because Easter Sunday is a Christian holiday, yet not recognized as an "official" holiday by the State of Texas (the reason being because we celebrate it on a Sunday).

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Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween are not official state holidays in the Lone Star State. They are not recognized as such by the State Legislaturebut are celebrated by most Texans regardless.

Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, and Father's Day are not "official". Easter is the Christian holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and is celebrated by most Christians in Texas. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are celebrated to honor mothers and fathers respectively; they too fall on a Sunday.

Here's what a few listeners voted for as their favorite holidays:

  • Sheila N Larry Segura - Christmas
  • Christopher Sanchez - Halloween
  • Connie Drum-Anderson - Independence Day. When I watch any fireworks, I always stand and sing our National Anthem. Always brings tears to my eyes.
  • Juanita Santos - Christmas
  • Jason Norris - Thanksgiving, cause it is the only one all about eating
  • Patty Franklin Seegers - Thanksgiving
  • Sherri Constable - Fourth of July
  • Monica J Isbell - is a real holiday... it is in aisle 5 at Walmart.
  • Linda Campbell Favor - Halloween

As for me, I am a huge Christmas fan with Thanksgiving as a close second. My official ruling on the votes are that it's too close to call. So I'll say, as Monica put it, the winner is...Hallowthanksmas! May you all have a happy "Hallowthanksmas".

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