Is he too old for her? Is she too old for him? "Oh my gosh, she could pass for his mother!" "Oh that's not right, he's old enough to be her grandpa." "If my child was dating someone that old, we would be having a very serious sit-down conversation right now."

These are but a few comments I've heard expressed right here in the Lone Star State. Granted, Texas is a conservative state but it seems "age gap acceptance" appears to be loosening up a bit, especially within the last five years.

I personally believe that socially accepted age gaps vary widely depending on ethnicity, culture, religion, lifestyle, and social surroundings. While it appears in Texas that the age gap difference might have loosened,  it's fair to say that social attitudes have not changed.

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Texas is a very conservative state, tending to hold onto its values, beliefs, and traditions very tightly. I asked several family members their thoughts on an acceptable age gap in romantic partnerships, and general consensus is a two- to five-year age gap difference.

In Texas, an age gap difference of up to five years might be relatively more common and accepted. This means that dating couples within that range will be less likely to be socially scrutinized.

However, it's important to realize people's opinions differ depending on their age. Meaning, those who are 50 years old and up might think that a five-year difference is pushing it, and people in their 20s might think a 10-year difference is acceptable.

Ultimately, the acceptance of an age gap in dating can vary from person to person and community to community. It's crucial that we practice mutual respect on this issue.

Texas law does NOT have specific "age-gap dating laws" that address how much of an age difference is legally acceptable between individuals in a romantic relationship. However, the primary legal concern in Texas is the "age of consent," which is 17 years old.

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