Have you ever been driving around and thought "we need more traffic signals on this road or at a certain intersection"? That is exactly what I've been thinking these last few months driving up and down Buffalo Gap Road with its massive construction taking place. Am I the only one or are the traffic lights a little bit crazy?

I've been wondering who was responsible for the traffic signals and the way they are operating. While I do tend to think that traffic flows pretty smoothly most of the time, there are those times when we're at a traffic light and someone does not know when to go.

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Several days in a row last week, I have been either the third or fourth vehicle stopped at a light that is green, but the person at the very front of the line refuses to move because the left turn arrow for those folks in the left turn lane is still red. That's when people in front of and behind me started honking.

Many drivers do not know that the traffic light on the far right side of Buffalo Gap Road is what's governing the traffic for those going straight. This confusion is understandable because the stoplights are not directly in front of vehicles but two lanes over to the FAR RIGHT where construction is taking place.

Many drivers think they cannot move when the straightforward traffic light is green and the left-hand turn light is red. Thus the horn-honking chaos ensues.

The left-hand turn lane at Buffalo Gap Road and Chimney Rock, Robertson, and Clack Street is for left turns ONLY.  At night these same traffic signals turn to flashing red on all four sides. That means:

Flashing red lights work the same way as a four-way stop sign, where the drivers take turns by yielding to the driver on the right, and any vehicle that arrives at the light intersection and comes to a full stop prior to you gets to go or make their turn before you. Most important, pedestrians take priority on crosswalks. Source: TxDMV.gov

When properly located and operated, traffic signals are an invaluable tool for the safety of all drivers and pedestrians. Traffic signals are our friends and they help keep us maneuvering smoothly most of the time.

Now let's all play nice and be safe drivers.

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