West Texas, please welcome with open arms the newest additions to the Abilene Zoo: 15-month-old and 16-month-old bald eagles Sparky and Leu, respectively. The two rescued bald eagles will now make Abilene their permanent home at the newly renovated Elm Creek Backyard exhibit. Abilene Zoo officials are excited and proudly welcome Sparky and Leu to the zoo.

Sparky and Leu were rescued and rehabilitated at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland, Florida, where the birds underwent a lengthy stay and rehabilitation process. This is perfect timing as Abilene Zoo officials extend thanks to the generous donors who made renovations to the Elm Creek Backyard exhibit possible.

Both eagles were rescued when they were about two months old. After being taken in for a full examination and evaluation, both birds were deemed to be non-releasable back into the wild. The main reason they cannot be released is that neither eagle can fly.

Both Sparky and Leu are still considered very young birds, and neither yet has the distinctive white head for which bald eagles are known. The white head doesn't happen until a bald eagle is five to seven years old. To view these two magnificent birds, find them at the new Keith Garner Bald Eagle Habitat, named in memory of Abilene Zoological Society board member Keith Garner.

The new zoo inhabitants will be on exhibit this Memorial Day weekend during Zoolute to Dyess (free admission for all military and dependents), and National Zoo & Aquarium Month which takes place every year in June. Enjoy viewing these feathered creatures at our awesome Abilene Zoo.

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