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The first thing you must know before entering the gated neighborhood to look at this awesome estate. The neighbors are kind of famous, and their security team and alarms are a lot different than you or I could ever imagine.

Entering this gated neighborhood someone from the secret service just might be checking into your background. You see a former President of the United States just might be living next door. Don't worry though they are several acres away.

Second and most importantly, trying to buy this incredible piece of property might be a bit difficult unless you have well over $50 million cash. While the entire expanse cost $100,000,000.00 to build (over time), the last buyer paid just under $50 million dollars.

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Now onto this awesome $100 Million dollar estate. It is very historic because the designer, developer, and architect (was very famous), plus all the pieces that it took to build it, came from all over the world (including the re-opening of a 1930s stone quarry as you'll see in the video above just to match the stone).

This was the only house the famous architect Maurice Fazio built outside of New York and the last house he ever built because he died after completing this project in the 1940s. This impressive estate was first built in 1938 by builder Count Pio Cresti who hired the world-famous Italian architect Fazio.

You'll find this estate at Walnut Place, 10000 Hollow Way Rd. Dallas Texas.

The Crespi Estate sits on 25 acres of well-refined land, 10 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a gym, a movie theater, a spa, and over 37,000 square feet of heated and cooled living space. A tennis court, basketball court, and volleyball court, a resort size swimming pool, several water features, and walking and jogging nature trails.

The heating and air-conditioning are located in the basement where you'll also find a well-stocked wine cellar as well as the gun room and 18 inch-thick concrete walls "safe-room" complete with its own oxygen and food supply. Enjoy the virtual tour.


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