Hunter Hayes has penned a brand-new song, which is all about embracing a night of debauchery... and then documenting the whole thing on social media. "One Shot" is a fast paced, happy vibe song that tells the story of just taking life one shot at a time.

In the chorus of "One Shot," Hayes sings about something that most people can relate to: "I started with one shot / To have a good time / Everybody knows how easy one can turn into five / Don't judge me, 'cause it ain't nobody's life but mine / And I only get one shot / So I take it one shot at a time." Press play above to hear the full party anthem, which the singer wrote by himself.

“’One Shot’ is about a night that I don’t remember … but Instagram does,” Hayes explains about the revealing song in a press release. “It’s the first song that I’d written by myself in about five years. I wrote it assuming no one else would hear it, so it almost borderlines on TOO honest. There are even some things I probably could have left out!"

Hayes continues about the new song, "We’ve all had those nights where we remember some of it but forget a lot of it and owning up to my own experience with that is a whole different kind of confessional through music that I’ve never attempted before.”

"One Shot" is available for purchase now. More information about Hayes can be found on his official website.

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