Earlier today, Governor Abbott stated that all bars in Texas are to close down (temporarily) today at noon. The order also stated that restaurants should scale back to 50% capacity, by Monday.

So why are headlines so misleading, and reckless, at times?

Well, officials from the City of Abilene stated, this morning, that they would not enforce Abbott's order to shut down bars.

Great news, right? Pump the brakes.

Even though the City of Abilene won't enforce the orders, that doesn't mean the TABC, which is state-run, won't enforce said order. Actually, it is very likely that they will.

Shortly after the city made their statement, media outlets ran with the story - as they should. However, the problem I have is that most of our local news headlines read (somewhat) as such: "...City of Abilene Will Not Enforce Abbott's Order to Close Bars...".

Granted, they all stated, inside the article, that TABC will likely enforce said order. But, how many people actually read the articles now days? Seriously, I feel so many only read the headlines and media outlets take advantage of it because of their need to create engagement on their social media pages.

Can you guess how many people freaked out when they heard bars had to close? Now guess how many repeated only the headline they just read and feel it's OK to not follow the order?

Just my opinion, but based off of what I saw online today, I'd say roughly 80% never read the article, thus had no idea the TABC would probably be stepping in to do what the city won't.

Now, don't get me wrong, if a business decides it's best for them to stay open, that's their right. But, without the complete story, some may be shocked when the TABC rolls in and snakes their liquor license.

So, what's the lesson here? Skip the headlines and read the article. Do your own research.

I mean, at the end of the day, it is our/your responsibility to know ALL of the facts and not just what you read on a headline. Then again, these media outlets, that intentionally mislead the public, with their headlines are partially to blame as well.

You've heard the saying "don't judge a book by its cover"? Well, articles online are the same. Don't just read the headline, get the full story before you react.

Oh yeah, if all the bars do close, we need Party Trucks - get the full story here.

Have a great day and #beagoodhuman

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