There are 3,240 high schools in the state of Texas. That means there are also a lot of mascots for said schools and a good chance some of those mascots are fairly unique...and funny.

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I graduated from Bay City High School and our mascot was the Black Cats. However, we had some really unique (or odd) mascots in our district alone. For example, El Campo's mascot is Rice Birds.

So many times I found myself uttering the words "what the hell is a rice bird?".

Well, some of these mascots will elicit the same question and some just may make you scratch your head or buckle over in laughter.

With over 3,200 high schools, I had to whittle this list down to my top 20. Otherwise, you'd be here all day.

In no particular order, here are my top 20 most unique mascots in Texas:

  • Calhoun "Sandcrabs"
    • Port Lavaca, Texas
    • Do Sandcrabs pinch you until you quit the game?
  • Winters "Blizzards"
    • Winters, Texas
  • Frost "Polar Bears"
    • Frost, Texas
  • New Braunfels "Unicorns"
    • New Braunfels, Texas
    • "Striking fear in every foe, here are the Unicorns"
  • Mesquite "Skeeters"
    • Mesquite, Texas
    • "Skeeters suck" (Get it?)
  • Lanier "Voks"
    • San Antonio, Texas
    • Vok is short for Vocational Student
  • Hutto "Hippos"
    • Hutto, Texas
    • "The best-looking girl in still a Hippo"
  • Mason "Punchers"
    • Mason, Texas
    • "Now that's downright rude"
  • Randolph "Rohawks"
    • Universal City, Texas
    • "Uhhhhhh"
  • Farmersville "Fighting Farmers"
    • Farmersville, Texas
    • "Not necessarily the Hatfields and McCoys..."
  • Roscoe "Plowboys"
    • Roscoe, Texas
  • Central Catholic "Buttons"
    • San Antonio, Texas
    • "I bet they're cute as a...wait for it...Button"
  • Nazareth "Swifts"
    • Nazareth, Texas
  • Amarillo "Golden Sandies"
    • Amarillo, Texas
    • "Not my favorite cookies. They're too dry"
  • Hamlin "Pied Pipers"
    • Hamlin, Texas
    • "Reminds me of the rock band Megadeth"
  • Cuero "Gobblers"
    • Cuero, Texas
    • "When referring to their cheerleaders, don't say she's a Gobbler"
  • Chinquapin Prep "Burrs"
    • Highlands, Texas
    • "This is Texas, so I assume they're those mean ol' sticker burrs"
  • Booker T Washington "Pegasus"
    • Dallas, Texas
  • Brazosport "Exporters"
    • Freeport, Texas
  • El Campo "Ricebirds"
    • El Campo, Texas
    • "What the hell is a ricebird?"

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