Tyler Hubbard's wife Hayley is opening up about her struggle in having to supplement their newbon son, Luca, with formula. The wife of the Florida Georgia Line singer recently posed with the singer and their two kids, 20-month-old daughter Olivia Rose and son Luca Reed, who will soon be a month old, for a photoshoot and interview where she is spilling all the details on her experience as a mother.

For Hayley, motherhood is much different with her son than what it was the first time around with her daughter.

"He eats probably double what Liv eats, so I’ve had a hard time producing milk quick enough for him,” she tells People. "We’ve had to supplement [with formula] and I think emotionally as a mom, that’s always hard to accept that fact. I’ve tried to be really aware of my emotions and give myself grace and just tell myself I’m doing the best I can."

However, Hayley adds that a combination between breastfeeding and formula has been "going well so far."

Tyler Hubbard jokes to People that Luca has an appetite "a lot like his daddy." Hubbard also joked about the comparison that he receives to his son, saying, "I guess everybody thinks that I look like a 90-year-old bald man, but as soon as the baby starts getting cute then everybody starts saying, ‘Oh, it’s starting to look like Hayley.’"

The couple married in 2015,  and they are open to having more children in the future. They've discussed the possibility of adopting children. For now, the Hubbards are content, but do see their family growing down the road.

"We initially thought maybe we’d just have two kids and potentially adopt a third, but we definitely see our family being more than just two kids," says Hubbard.

The singer then adds that it will be "like a few years" before any more kids will be a part of the Hubbard clan.

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