Hayes Carll has announced the release of his sixth album, What It Is, which is scheduled for release in February of 2019. Readers can press play above to listen to "None'Ya", the first song that Carll has shared off the upcoming project.

The artist, with credits to his name that include writing Lee Ann Womack's “Chances Are," established his songwriting credibility long ago in Nashville and has recently set out to solidify his talent as a performer as well. Carll calls What It Is his "getting off the sidelines" album, a project that doesn't hold back when it comes to what Carll thinks and feels about what's going on in his environment.

“This record is made with the spirit of change, about my world and the world around me,” Carll tells Rolling Stone. “To let go of excuses. To find the courage to live life. To be in the moment.”

The artist explains that his music is inseparable from the rest of his life, and that's the way it should be: “I take stock of myself and the world around me and write about it,” Carll says. Some of his music tackles the tough political issues around us today, and that's intentional. "I understand a lot of people look to music as an escape, and it can be really upsetting when it feels like that’s disrupted. But I have a really low tolerance for the people who say ‘shut up and sing.’ It minimizes everybody’s voice. We are citizens, and we are artists.”

What It Is is set to release on Feb. 15, 2019, and the native Texan plans to launch a tour beginning in Houston on the same date. The album is available for pre-order now; for details and tour information, visit the artist's website. 

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