It's no secret that Hank Williams, Jr., is one of country music's most outsized personalities. The tales of his exploits are the stuff of legend — but those are just the stories the public knows about. Some of the craziest Bocephus stories are the ones that are kind of insider knowledge in Nashville, like the time he took Troy Gentry's phone and smashed it against the wall.

The crazy story emerged online after Gentry's tragic death in a helicopter crash in 2017. Shooter Jennings turned to Twitter to share his remembrances of Gentry, and he also shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes interaction the late Montgomery Gentry singer once had with Williams, who was one of his own heroes.

"Apparently one time Troy was on the phone with his cousin and simultaneously hanging out with Hank Jr.," Jennings recalled. "Troy's cousin didn't believe he was really hanging with Hank Jr., so Troy handed the phone to Hank and said, 'Say hi to my cousin.'

What transpired next was as epic as it was unexpected. Click on the video below to get the whole story.

THIS May Be Why Hank Jr. Is Not in the Hall of Fame:

"Hank Jr. took the phone and threw it against the wall and it broke into pieces. He then said, 'Hank Jr. doesn't do calls,'" Jennings recounted. But Gentry didn't resent the country icon for destroying his phone.

"[Troy and] his cousin had nothing but love and a great story for Hank Jr. We often talked about how Hank Jr. could out-Axl Axl [Rose]. We also would talk for long periods about how bada-- Hank's music is," Jennings concluded.

That story is just one of many crazy episodes that have added to Williams' legend, but as Taste of Country noted in a recent episode of The Secret History of Country Music, antics like that, as well as the star's general penchant for thumbing his nose at the powers that be, may play a very large role in why he's been passed over for the Country Music Hall of Fame for decades despite making a more-than-worthy contribution to the genre.

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