Country music's newest videos put an artful spin on their treatments this week,  in the form of an ode to the King himself, an adorably outside-the-box lyric video, and much more. Read on to check 'em all out!

 Granger Smith, “You’re in It”:

Granger Smith's daughter London is the star of the show in the new music video for his single, "You're in It." While lyric videos can sometimes be a little bland or repetitive, you won't be able to keep your eyes off this one. Smith's daughter, who turns seven in October, sits on the grass with a rainbow of Sharpie markers and writes out the lyrics for "You're in It." The best part is her spelling, which is equal parts entertaining and heartwarming; "And a little streem up in the mauntin's" or "I down't know what the fucher hold's." 

Smith seems equally smitten with the video, tweeting, "I may be a little biased, but I think this is the best lyric video we've ever released ... (camera work by yours truly)." Can every lyric video be this adorable?

Tegan Marie, "I Know How to Make a Boy Cry":

In 1968, Elvis Presley's famous comeback television special -- widely known as Elvis -- aired, marking his return to performing live after a seven-year hiatus focusing on film. 50 years later, 14-year-old Tegan Marie channels the singer's iconic Elvis -- from her outfits to scene setups -- for her "I Know How to Make a Boy Cry" music video.

Director Veronica Zelle says, "Elvis made more girls cry than anyone, so the reference, to flip the script there with a song about making boys cry, was irresistible. It was important that the song could represent empowerment without being divisive, because that’s how Elvis was" (quote via Forbes). Tegan adds in a press release, “I just love Elvis, that’s about the size of it. I recently visited Graceland and it all just clicked. I got to understand him more, beyond the music. I was most moved by how much he cared for people. When my managers suggested we make a video as an homage to Elvis for my new song, it was an automatic yes!"”

Maybe April, “You Were My Young":

Country trio Maybe April (Katy Bishop, Kristen Castro, Alaina Stacey) have released the music video for "You Were My Young." The singers connected at Grammy Camp in 2012 and eventually, they all ended up in Nashville, where "You Were My Young" was conceived.

“This song is about looking back at your first love with all of the bittersweet feelings of growing up," Maybe April tell Wide Open Country. "We wanted to capture as much of that nostalgia as possible, so in the video the actors are two actual high school students and we filmed our performance on a high school auditorium stage.” They add, "It’s a special song for us, because when we were 17 and 18 the three of us first connected over our first heartbreaks. We think of those memories fondly now and hope that "You Were My Young" will connect with people in a way that allows them to do the same.” And, if the lead actress in the video looks familiar, you saw her eight years ago in Taylor Swift's "Mine" music video, where she made her acting debut.

Home Free, “When You Walk In”:

Home Free, champions of The Sing-Off-'s 2013 season, have revealed their music video for "When You Walk In." They tapped dancer Brittany Cherry (So You Think You Can DanceDancing With the Stars) for the clip, and the country singers (Adam Rupp, Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Tim Foust and Adam Chance) couldn't be happier with the finished product.

"When we first recorded “When You Walk In,” I fell in love with it. As we started performing it live, a vision kept recurring in my head. There was this beautiful dancer commanding the song's constant perspective: a marvelous, strong woman who stuns every time she graces a room," says Brown, who dances with Cherry in the clip. "Watching it come to life, almost a year later, has been absolutely incredible. Getting to work with Brittany was such a dream. She is an artist's artist to say the least, and she far exceeded my initial vision in what we were able to create. Her talent is seriously out-of-this-world and she really shines in this video."

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