Granger Smith and his wife Amber have been through more than any parents could ever dream to dread, having lost their youngest son River in a drowning accident in their home pool in 2019. After making the decision to move out of the house where the tragedy occurred, the new owners of the home have gifted the couple with an unexpected surprise.

Amber showed the gift on social media: The wall panels on which she and Granger recorded their three children's heights over the years they were living in the house, including the last measurement of River at 2 years and 11 months.

"We were just given such a special gift. We knew when we sold our home that we sold it to a wonderful family. I took photos of these growth measurements before we moved out," she explained. "I thought, the new owners would just paint over them and I wanted the memory.

"The sweet owners just dropped these off with Granger. They took the time to take them carefully off the garage wall and bring them to us so we would have them 😭. 2 years and 11 months was the last time we measured Riv. 3 months later we moved. Grateful for kind, thoughtful people, and treasures I thought were gone... And I’m really missing my little Valentine hunk."

The couple made the decision to move out of the house, although both loved it, because they thought it would be better for their remaining children.

"There was thousands of good memories, and one really bad one," Smith reflects. It was hard for them to leave because River had loved the woods and the land where he'd been raised, but Smith says, "My number one priority is the well-being of the other two kids. And I don't think I was totally myself at the old house. Amber probably wasn't, either."

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