There’s a website that features the most innocent-looking dogs (and other animals) posing with owner-written signs that reveal their bad behavior. Well, after perusing through that site for a while, it gave me the idea to do the same with people I work with.


So, I quickly made some signs then went into each person’s office and gave them a sign to pose with. It wasn’t until after the picture was taken that they knew what was on the sign. Obviously I had to be a bit trickier than the dog owners on the dog shaming website.

From spitting in the coffee pot at work to peeing sitting down, my signs show the terrible behaviors of some of my co-workers.

You may recognize some of them, so if you do, please don’t harp on them about their bad behavior as we are in the process of helping them seek professional help. You know about all that H.R. stuff, right?


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Now do the same with your friends and send us the pictures

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