While it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Abilene and all around Texas. It's also time to start gathering some firewood for those fireplaces and backyard campfires to stay warm, and to make some tasty smores treats.

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Know Where To Go To Get Firewood In And Around Abilene

Look: Here's Where You Can Purchase Legal and Local Firewood

It's Prohibited To Move Firewood In And Out Of Certain Counties In Texas

Texas state regulations clearly state that six counties are under quarantine due to the destructive invasive emerald ash borer; this means it is illegal to move firewood originating in these six counties to other areas within Texas. The Six counties are Bowie, Cass, Denton, Harrison, Marion, and Tarrant.

Invasive Species Are The Main Reason For These Texas Regulations

Furthermore, yes Abilene and Taylor county are under different types of restrictions. The Texas Department of Agriculture also has an additional 192 counties shut down because of the Texas invasive imported red fire ant, prohibiting the movement of firewood in or out of these counties. Another invasive pest that has Texas authorities closely monitoring, is the invasive Mexican soapberry borer, which has already been discovered in another 50 Texas counties.

<p>The Texas Department of Agriculture provides the following recommendations for firewood users to help protect the state’s natural resources by slowing the spread of destructive forest pests:</p><ul><li>Buy firewood locally in the county where you plan to burn it</li><li>Do not transport firewood to any other counties, campgrounds, or parks of any kind</li></ul>

So with that said, the new Don't Move Firewood.com motto is : "Buy It Where You Burn It", and here are a few places where you can find local firewood. Many of these local firewood suppliers are harvesting the wood from in and around Abilene and or Taylor county. Fortunately, many of the following are also delivering and stacking firewood:

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