The NFL Draft is just around the corner and while many will be watching to see where Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel lands there is another Aggie to keep an eye on too. Travis Labhart. The Dude Perfect crew caught up to Travis and help make sure he's at his best before draft day. They run Travis through a training course like you've never seen before. 

Travis Labhart is a former Aggie wide receiver. The guys point out that any wide receiver is know for 3 things: good hands, TD celebration dance and being a great trick shooter. The first 2 I might agree with but that last one?

Travis shows off all of those and more as Dude Perfect help train him for the NFL draft. They make sure he can catch a ball, even if they are coated with Vaseline. They work on dance moves, high altitude experience, hand eye coordination, rooftop shots and so much more.

After Travis completes the Dude Perfect training course, I think he will be more than ready for anything the NFL throws at him.

Check out Travis and Dude Perfect in training

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