With just a week to go before the 2019 Burning Man Tour kicks off in Canada, Dierks Bentley and his tourmates, Jon Pardi and Tenille Townes, have shared a hilarious new video to get fans excited about the tour. Showing off a brand-new skill set, the trio of country musicians laced up their ice skates in matching glittery purple outfits, with Bentley rocking a deep v-neck as he twirls and flourishes around the rink. Press play above to watch the video for yourself.

Despite delivering an A for effort, these country stars may want to stick to their day jobs. Pardi wobbles and stumbles as he glides out on the rink, eventually contenting himself to tip his hat from the sidelines, while Townes admitted on Twitter that "just because I'm Canadian does not mean I was born with skates on" -- but the trio's performance did attract some attention from champion figure skater Adam Rippon.

"I am obsessed with skating's newest star: @DierksBentley," Rippon wrote on Twitter in response to the video. "You are such a beauty my friend."

Bentley might just have a future in the sport, especially if he sticks with Rippon. He responded to the skating champion's tweet, saying "Studied a lot of your routines ... and watched a lot of Blades of Glory! Ha. Love to see you at one of our shows. I'll pack my skates, feathers and lace in case you want to have [a] skate-off."

The Burning Man Tour will begin with a run of Canadian dates before continuing through the U.S. for another string of shows, and will wrap on March 30 in Grand Rapids, Mich. For more info, visit Dierks.com.

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