Most of us have at one point or another been pulled over by a police officer.  Usually, it's speeding, running a red light, a stop sign, something of that nature.  What happened to Scott Nesin and his wife in Electra last March did not involve a traffic stop, at least not in the sense you might suspect.

According to Nesin, he and his wife had pulled over along US 287 in Electra to switch drivers.  Two Electra Police Department officers, Matt Wood and Gary Ellis, pulled over behind the Nesins' van.  What could have been, or should have been, a fairly routine event quickly escalated - but who bears the responsibility for the escalation?

Nesin says Officer Wood opened the passenger side van door and conducted what he called an unconstitutional search, a search which he verbally objected to.  That's when things began to blow up a bit.  The incident did end up in the courtroom of Judge Diane Gribble.  During a hearing, Nesin obtained a copy of the dash cam video of the incident Nesin uploaded the video to YouTube and it has since gone viral.

The video gets very disturbing towards the end, but you need to watch all of it to put everything into its proper perspective.

Calls to the Electra Police Department and  City offices have not been returned.

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