There’s been a beautiful head of hair hiding in country music.

Craig Campbell, whose look has become synonymous with a cowboy hat since his 2011 major label debut, just unleashed his flowing Georgia mane for his latest single.

The new song, “See You Try,” has a different flavor than Campbell’s past catalog, and the country singer felt it was time to evolve a look that reflects the new direction of his music. Therefore, he set down his cowboy hat to reveal a new side of himself that fans may have been missing.

“It’s funny because people are like, 'Man, I love your haircut!'" Campbell tells Taste of Country. “And I’m like, 'Well, I’ve had this haircut for years, I’ve just always had a hat on.'"

Campbell notes the new look was first inspired by his wife, Mindy Ellis, at the 2017 Academy of Country Music Awards.

“By happenstance, last year I was about to do the red carpet at the ACMs, about to put my hat on, and I ran my hands through my hair and my wife told me to stop. She’s like, "You know, I like you without a hat today." So I did the red carpet with no hat and that’s where it started. I just started playing around with it a little bit. You know, I have great hair and I think people should see my hair," he says with a laugh.

Campbell also tells Taste of Country he didn’t grow up wearing a hat; the cowboy hat was actually more of a representation of the style of music he was singing.

“I’m not saying what I’m doing now is more me than a cowboy hat, but it’s comfortable for me not to have a hat on,” Campbell says. “It’s not a big deal, but I have worn a hat for so long that some people are a little bit shocked about it. But it fits, and it fits the direction that I’m going with my music and the growth that I’ve had over the past couple years. I’m ready for it and it feels good."

But don’t worry, hat fans; Campbell stressed his Stetson isn’t exactly gone forever. It will still be a part of his live show to blend moments of his past with the present. He cited his song “Family Man” as a great song to still sing with his hat on, “Like, hey, remember this guy?” he says.

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