Country star and Texas native Cowboy Troy experienced a full-circle moment when he heard himself on country radio for the first time. When one of his songs came on, he was back home in the Dallas area, sitting alone in a car while waiting for the rest of his band to come back from a convenience store. To learn more about the special moment -- and how the country singer was almost moved to tears -- read on.

Cowboy Troy: For me, it was 2004 -- the summer of 2004. There was a radio station that used to be in Dallas -- We were on a Tim McGraw tour that summer, and [that radio station] used to play "Rollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich)" at least once every couple of days. I'm from Dallas, and that radio station was the only station that would play that song.

We were playing in Dallas that weekend, and I remember we were pulling into a convenience store, and I did the runner van -- stopped and let them go in -- when [I heard the song come on the radio]. I sat in the car and I didn't move. I was just kind of like, "Wow." For a second, I thought I was gonna get choked up.

John Rich: You were like, "I'm Cowboy Troy! I'm too big to get choked up!"

That was the first time you were recorded on a featured album, right?

Cowboy Troy: It was. First feature album on a major label, on Horse of a Different Color with Big & Rich. That was a big deal. That was the first time I got to go back to Dallas after leaving, after having been taken out of the shoe store, the Foot Locker I was working at, by [Rich and duo partner Big Kenny].

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