As each day passes, there's always someone trying to skirt the system by passing around counterfeit bills. While prices of everything are higher than ever, it's still illegal to print your own money.

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However, it appears some enterprising criminals haven't received the memo and are actively passing along counterfeit bills, especially in Fisher County.

On Monday evening, the Fisher County Sheriff's Office reported (on Facebook) that funny money has been making the rounds. They also encouraged citizens to check all bills and report any fakes to the sheriff's office.

Fisher Co. Sheriff's Office/FB
Fisher Co. Sheriff's Office/FB

The photo above, from Fisher County Sheriff's Office, is an example of some of the counterfeits that have been spotted in the area. You'll see the top has been marked with one of those fancy counterfeit detector markers. When you look closer, you can totally see the areas which distinguish real from fake.

Loss Prevention Media has a list of 8 ways to spot fake bills that I believe are very helpful for anyone that handles cash on a daily basis.

Some of those ways include identifying the watermark (mainly on newer bills), raised printing, as well as the inclusion (or lack thereof) of red and blue threads that are "woven into the fabric of the bill".

The last time APD reported any counterfeit money in circulation here in Abilene was back in January. Who knows, maybe those in Fisher County are the same that passed them around here in Abilene.

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