In her first performance since choosing Blake Shelton to be her coach on the NBC TV show 'The Voice', Holly Tucker took the stage in the 'Battle Round'. And at the end of the battle, Tucker moved on to sing another day for Team Blake!

In the Battle Round, the coaches pit members of their teams against one another and they sing a duet. Each coach has two steals again this season, so they can pick up the castoffs.

Holly was pitted against fellow Team Blake contestant Michelle Raitzin, and the pair sang Carrie Underwood's hit song 'Blown Away'. The song requires a lot of emotion (anger) to pull off, and proved to be a little bit of a challenge for Tucker, a country girl with a sweet disposition. The performance by both Holly and Michelle was outstanding,and Shelton had a difficult time choosing who won the round. But in the end, it was Holly who was picked to advance. Check out the performance here:

Tucker, who has family and friends cheering her on in West Texas, is a student at Baylor, and was chosen unanimously by the panel of coaches during the blind auditions, and decided to match her country voice with the country music coach on the panel, Blake Shelton. While Blake's contestants have won the competition in each of the last two seasons, he has never won with a country-style singer. If her Battle Round performance is any indication, Holly has a good shot at being the first.

Congratulations, Holly! You can continue to show your support for Tucker by purchasing her performance of 'Blown Away' on iTunes. And if you haven't yet, be sure to "like" her on Facebook, too.

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