Here’s a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:

Tim Gunn
Age: 58
Occupation: Fashion Consultant and Television Personality
Known For: His tart-tongued critiques of celebrity fashions and of contestants on the TV series ‘Project Runway’

Martina McBride
Age: 45
Occupation: Singer and Songwriter
Known For: Belting country hits such as ‘My Baby Loves Me,’ ‘Independence Day,’ ‘Wild Angels,’ and ‘A Broken Wing’

Tony Sirico
Age: 70
Occupation: Actor
Known For: His role as the sometimes-bumbling, usually-evil Paulie Walnuts on the HBO series ‘The Sopranos’

Geddy Lee
Age: 58
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, and Musician
Known For: His skills with a bass guitar and his piercing vocals for the band Rush, which has had hits such as ‘Tom Sawyer’ and ‘Subdivisions’

Wil Wheaton
Age: 39
Occupation: Actor and Writer
Known For: Roles in the TV series ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and in the film ‘Stand by Me,’ and his well-read blog

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