For Cale Dodds, one of the highlights of 2018 was discovering the added component that music videos bring to his work.

"As proud as I am of the songs, I want people to say, 'Hey, I know you've heard this song, but you have to go watch the video,'" he explained to The Boot and other media ahead of the 2018 ASCAP Awards.

For Dodds, that meant getting creative. For his song "What We Gonna Do About It," for example, he dreamt up a quirky retirement home party for one video, then pared the same song down to its essentials in a simply shot acoustic version.

"[Creating a variety of different videos might mean] having a full production team and doing an all-out video, or stripping it down ... and doing it with GoPros and few friends," the singer goes on to say. "I enjoy it because it's an outlet for creativity just as much as the song is, and ... I look at that as an opportunity."

Dodds explains that having a broad array of music videos to make stretches him creatively, and having a supportive team pushes him to try new treatments that might be out of his comfort zone.

"It's a thing where I've got good people around me trying to encourage me to do different stuff," he continues. "I'm just trying to embrace it, honestly."

As much as he pushed himself in 2018, Dodds says that fans can look forward to even more new and imaginative material from him in the new year. "People are like, 'Aren't you already doing that?' And the answer is, 'Yes, but we're gonna do it more, and that's exciting,'" he adds with a laugh.

In other words, Dodds' string of offbeat video treatments is just getting started.

"We've been filming a lot," he says. "We're gonna try some different stuff, even on top of the different stuff we've already done."

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