As the people of Port St. Joe, Fla., repair their town after the devastation of Hurricane Michael, country duo Brothers Osborne are hoping to find ways to give back to the place that helped them make an album. Brothers TJ and John Osborne recorded their sophomore album in the coastal Florida town, and they say that the area provided a "relaxed, creative headspace," which helped them create the songs on the record.

"That town is very dear and important to us," John Osborne explained at a recent media event; in fact, the location was so instrumental to the project that they named it Port Saint JoeAfter hearing that the area had been hit hard by the hurricane in October, the Osbornes knew they had to do something to help.

"You immediately think, 'Well, let's go down there and play a show,'" TJ Osborne explains. "But these people are dealing with devastation. They can't really deal with that distraction.

"You talk about raising money [by playing a show in Port St. Joe], but, well, they're taking all the money they have [to put toward rebuilding]. It's hard to take money from that community and try to give it back to that community," he adds. "So we're gonna find creative ways to help them."

Port St. Joe is an idyllic beach town, but, Brothers Osborne point out, that doesn't mean the residents whose houses were wrecked by the storm necessarily have the means to stay elsewhere. "You kind of think, 'Oh, everyone down there is well taken care of, and it's their beach homes," TJ Osborne continues, "and there are beach homes there, but there's also a lot of blue-collar people there that don't have a lot and live paycheck to paycheck."

When they were younger, the brothers experienced the difficulties of rebuilding after devastating weather. Growing up in coastal Maryland, their home was flooded twice by hurricanes, relates TJ Osborne.

"We grew up in a very, very modest household, and we know how devastating that is," he says. "It takes years and years, and sometimes decades, to recover. So we will absolutely be down there to help."

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