The American Red Cross recently deemed last month's devastating floods in Louisiana as the worst natural disaster to hit the United States since 2012's Hurricane Sandy. As a result, plenty of celebrities are pitching in to do what they can to provide relief.

In a new segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing today (September 9), the daytime TV host and her recent mall mischief-causing BFF, Miss Britney Spears, made a special announcement regarding their own efforts to support those affected by the floods.

"Britney and I, I don't know if everyone knows this, are both from Louisiana, and we are both heartbroken over everything that's going on with the flooding. 100,000 homes have been damaged, thousands of people need help, and thousands of animals are in rescue shelters," Ellen said.

"I'm happy to announce that today I'm donating $125,000 to provide this emergency relief vehicle for the Red Cross to my home state of Louisiana," the Glory pop icon announced before the two playfully bickered over who's driving the vehicle to relief workers.

Later on in the segment, Ellen introduced two women from Galvez Middle School who spoke about their first-hand experience with the flooding, including a powerful video segment showcasing the devastating effects of the disaster. Later on, Ellen matched Britney's donation with a $125,000 donation to their school.

This isn't the only thing Britney's done to support the Red Cross in this relief mission, either: she recently announced a contest to help raise funds for the charity organization, giving away her 2016 MTV VMAs performance outfit in exchange for donations.

Great work, Ellen and Brit!

You too can help by directly donating to the cause, via the American Red Cross.

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